The acceleration in adoption of online law libraries.

The COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world forever. This has also altered the way we see and interact with the world around us. We now do our daily activities in a very sterile manner. The normalization of putting on a facemask to regularly sanitizing our hands. This is a new world.

We have seen many law firms and law businesses dispose of tons of used law books, used law reports, used law journals, and even whole law libraries. Law firms have downsized their offices like many businesses as they have fully adopted remote working practices.

There has been a dramatic rise in subscription and access to online libraries. We have seen over 80% of law firms either obtaining a subscription or upgrading their existing subscription. The new standard is to use an online library rather than locating a law report or a law book to find a specific case or reference.

Where we come into the fold is that we offer a free collection service for your donation of used law books, used law reports, and even a whole law library. We will send your donation of used law books and/or donation of used law reports to international countries such as India, Nigeria, and many more.

These countries do not have the facilities nor stability of either their internet connection or their electric power supply. We are helping to bridge this issue with the supply of used law books and used law reports.

Since we started in December 2019 we have received over 1000 used law books and over 300 used law reports. We are happy to report that 100% of the used law books and 100% of the used law reports have been successfully donated. Lawyers in international countries rely on these donations of used law books and donations of used law reports for fighting their client’s cases as well as for educational purposes.

Over the past year, we have set up a network of volunteers who can collect the donations of used law books and used law reports on our behalf. We now have volunteers available in the following cities and towns:

• Aberdeen
• Bath
• Birmingham
• Bournemouth
• Bradford
• Brighton
• Cambridge
• Cardiff
• Edinburgh
• Halifax
• Leeds
• Liverpool
• London
• Manchester
• Newcastle
• Norwich
• Oxford
• Peterborough
• Sheffield
• Swansea
• York

We can collect from any location in the UK, however, the locations with our network volunteers allow us to have a quicker pickup.

If you are interested in donating used law books or used law reports please use the below button to make the donation:

Donate Used Law Books / Donate Used Law Reports

If you have any used law books or used law reports please donate. We want to become the home for donations of used law books and used law reports. We look forward to working with you.

Donation of 6 Fleet Street Law Reports
Collection of 6 Fleet Street Reports

Recycle Law Books, Law Reports, and Law Libraries

Are you looking to Recycle Law Books, Law Reports, or your Law Library? At Donate Law Books we take your books directly from your shelves for free and donate them to where they are needed most. We can also repair your donated books, so we pass on the donation in a good condition.

Second Hand Books ready for recycling

Our recycling team specializes in collecting, repairing, recycling, and redistributing your Law Books, Law Reports, or your Law Library. We want to extend the life of your donation so we can prolong their use.

You can be saving trees by donating your books to donate law books. Donating your Law Books and Law Reports is environmentally friendly and can save you space in your office. Other organizations charge for taking away your unwanted law materials, they would dispose of them however we pick up your books for free. We then distribute them to where they are needed most.

Lawyers in 3rd world countries will not need to purchase copies of law books, they can simply use your donations. They are very grateful for the donations that you provide.

Your donated books can be collected and redistributed in a number of hours. This is dependant on the amount of work required by our recycling team on repairing the books. Use the below to donate your unwanted law books or law reports so we can recycle them:

Make a Donation

Helping Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers, Judges with Law Books and Law Reports.

Over the years in which our project of Donate Law Books has been active, we have been receiving a steady amount of law reports. However, this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the donations have plummeted. We do really need your help with donations of law books, law journals, and law reports.

If we are unable to give law books/journals/reports this could potentially affect cases in 3rd world countries as they may not have access to all relevant reports and books.  Your donation can assist with these cases in third world countries.

The donations that we have passed on over the years have helped many Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers, and Judges. Imagine an innocent person walking out of court as not guilty due to the legal materials you supply or a murderer found guilty due to the legal materials you supply. The power is in your hands.

The books you donate may make all the difference. To donate click the below link:

Donate Used Law Books, Reports, and Libraries

Welcome to Donate Law Books

Donate Law Books was founded in 2020 to help recycle, reuse and redistribute unwanted:

  • Law Books
  • Law Sets
  • Law Journals
  • Law Libraries,
  • Law Reports.

The arrival of eBooks, digital platforms, and online libraries has caused a significant number of law firms, libraries, and many more organisations to dispose of their law books.

We have partnered and are looking to partner with many more organizations. That we can receive donations from and those we can donate to. If you have unwanted law reports/sets/journals and libraries which contain any of the following which you wish to donate please get in contact:

  • All England Law Reports
  • Entertainment and Media Law Reports
  • Halsbury’s Laws of England
  • Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents
  • Lloyds Law Reports
  • Atkins Court forms
  • European Community cases
  • Weekly law reports
  • Property, Planning and Commission Reports
  • British Company cases
  • Landlord and tenant reports
  • Halsbury’s Statutes of England
  • ICLR Industrial law reports
  • Family Law Reports
  • Fleet Street reports
Where do you supply law books?

We supply books to Africa, Asia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and where required the most.

Do you charge for supplying books?

This all depends on who is being supplied and the cost involved in mainly picking up and sending the books. When it comes down to the total cost of the books we are supplying it can cost as little as £1 per book. We at Donate Law Books believe that this is a fair strategy, as the books will be better looked after as well as helping us to be sustainable.

How can I make a donation?

To donate law books, sets, journals, libraries and reports use the below link:

Donate Law Books, Sets, Journals, Libraries and Reports

Fleet Street Reports Volumes 31 till 36. We would like donations of these reports.
Collection of 6 Fleet Street Reports