Recycle Law Books, Law Reports, and Law Libraries

Are you looking to Recycle Law Books, Law Reports, or your Law Library? At Donate Law Books we take your books directly from your shelves for free and donate them to where they are needed most. We can also repair your donated books, so we pass on the donation in a good condition.

Second Hand Books ready for recycling

Our recycling team specializes in collecting, repairing, recycling, and redistributing your Law Books, Law Reports, or your Law Library. We want to extend the life of your donation so we can prolong their use.

You can be saving trees by donating your books to donate law books. Donating your Law Books and Law Reports is environmentally friendly and can save you space in your office. Other organizations charge for taking away your unwanted law materials, they would dispose of them however we pick up your books for free. We then distribute them to where they are needed most.

Lawyers in 3rd world countries will not need to purchase copies of law books, they can simply use your donations. They are very grateful for the donations that you provide.

Your donated books can be collected and redistributed in a number of hours. This is dependant on the amount of work required by our recycling team on repairing the books. Use the below to donate your unwanted law books or law reports so we can recycle them:

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