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Looking to get rid of your old law books in an environmentally friendly manner?

Do you have any Law books or Law reports which you no longer require? Do you want a hassle-free service to collect and remove the books from your shelves? Well, you have arrived at the correct place, here at Donate Law Books, we collect your donation directly from your shelves.

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What are we looking for?

We want all law books from all Law Firms such as All England Law Reports, Atkin’s Court Forms, Halsbury’s Laws of England and many more. We primarily work with UK-based law firms. We have many contacts in and around the UK who can collect the books on our behalf.

Do you recycle law books and law reports?

Yes, we do recycle law books and law reports. We are a green and environmentally friendly company. We can recycle your law books and law reports and make them like new with our restoration services. Click below to read more about:

Recycling Law Books, Law Reports, and Law Libraries

Why Donate Law Books?

You can be sure that your donation shall be provided to the place where they are needed most. We normally provide these donated books to our partners in 3rd world countries such as Africa, India, and more. We make sure that no book is disposed of and should it be unreadable we make sure that it will get recycled.

donate law books and law reports
recycle second-hand law books and law reports

Do you accept used and second-hand law reports/books?

We are seeking used and second-hand law reports and law books. We are happy to accept law books and law reports in any condition. If you have second-hand or used law reports get in contact via the following link:

Donate used and second-hand law reports/books

“A hassle-free service. My books were collected within an hour”

Mike – London

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