Helping Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers, Judges with Law Books and Law Reports.

Over the years in which our project of Donate Law Books has been active, we have been receiving a steady amount of law reports. However, this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the donations have plummeted. We do really need your help with donations of law books, law journals, and law reports.

If we are unable to give law books/journals/reports this could potentially affect cases in 3rd world countries as they may not have access to all relevant reports and books.  Your donation can assist with these cases in third world countries.

The donations that we have passed on over the years have helped many Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers, and Judges. Imagine an innocent person walking out of court as not guilty due to the legal materials you supply or a murderer found guilty due to the legal materials you supply. The power is in your hands.

The books you donate may make all the difference. To donate click the below link:

Donate Used Law Books, Reports, and Libraries